MedAID obituary – Prof. Dr Mohamed A. Essa

Prof. Dr Mohamed A. Essa, as Egyptian aquaculture expert was working in fish breeding and production, and sustainability research worldwide. He was a leading expert in aquaculture system design and piloting. His career history was a long series of successful management of large projects: programming, budgeting, planning, supervision and monitoring of implementation, coordination and control of outside consulting experts and suppliers of specific equipment, elaboration of process schedules and execution rules and check-lists, recruitment, training and management of personnel. Prof. Essa was strong international working relationships with many of the scientists and researchers in the field of aquaculture in Spain, Scotland, Hungary and, United States. Prof. Dr Mohamed A. Essa, was leads more than 230 researchers as a head of the aquaculture division, NIOF, during the period 2007 to 2011 and was considerable expert in the Developing tools for sustainable aquaculture in Egypt.

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