The Medaid project is managed through eleven work packages (WP), each of which covers one or more aspects of the project.

estructura MedAID2


WP1: Holistic sustainability assessment of Mediterranean aquaculture: zootechnical, environmental, economic, social and governance

WP2: Improving Zootechnical Performance

WP3: Genetics and breeding

WP4: Health management and diseases and fish welfare

WP5: Product development, market and consumer assessment

WP6: Improving bussiness performance and development of strategic marketing plans

WP7: Social acceptability and governance of aquaculture development in the Mediterranean

WP8: Integrated proposals for an innovative and competitive sector

WP9: Participatory consultation, dissemination, communication and training

WP10: Project Coordination and Management

WP11 – Ethics requirements

Leader: CIHEAM-IAMZ (Spain)

The objective is to ensure compliance with the ‘ethics requirements’ set out in this work package.