Final Event of MedAID Project

This event is organized by MedAID Project, with the collaboration of its sister Project PerformFish, and as a side event during the EAS Conference Aquaculture Europe 2021 (Funchal, Madeira, 4-7 October 2021)

Morning session – Improving markets, economic performance and governance

10:30 Welcome. Introduction of MedAID and PerformFish Projects
10:40 MedAID’s Tool Box C. Aguilera (IRTA) and B. Basurco (CIHEAM)
10:55 Main results and outputs for MedAID’s WP5: Product development, market and consumer assessment Irene Peral (AZTI)
11:05 Aquaculture seafood products innovations in MedAID project AZTI Raquel Llorente (AZTI)
11:12 Which is the best packaging for fish products? Designed by consumers and validated through neuroscience Laura López-Mas and Alejandra Bermúdez (IRTA)
11:19 Main results and outputs for PerformFish WP5: Reinforcing the Marketing of European Seabass and Seabream Products. Consumer perception studies in six European markets. Ekaterina Tribilustova (EUROFISH)
11:39 Main results and outputs for MedAID’s WP6: Improving business performance and development of strategic marketing plans José Fernández-Polanco (University of Cantabria)
11:49 Production optimization in aquaculture based on data and AI techniques Manuel Luna (University of Cantabria)
11:56 What operational factors are more important economically in the Mediterranean sea bass and sea bream farming? Jose Luis Fernández-Sánchez  (University of Cantabria)
12:03 Main results and outputs for MedAID’s WP7: Social acceptability and governance of aquaculture development in the Mediterranean José Pérez (IFREMER)
12:13 The social acceptability of aquaculture addressed in the Mediterranean Davide Fezzardi/Fabio Massa (FAO)
12:20 Exploring social acceptability though fieldwork conducted in local case studies José A. Pérez Agúndez (IFREMER), Pascal Raux (UBO), Katia Frangoudes (UBO)
12:27 Discussion

Evening session – Improvements on production and zootechnics

15:30 MedAID’s Dash Board Cristóbal Aguilera (IRTA Sant Carles de la Ràpita)
15:45 Main results and outputs for MedAID’s WP2: Improving Zootechnical Performance Alicia Estevez (IRTA Sant Carles de la Ràpita)
15:55 The temperature effects on growth, sex ratio, deformities Constantinos Mylonas, Maria Papadaki and Elena Sarropoulou (HCMR)
16:02 Optimal flow for seabream during land-based rearing and activity patterns in the sea cage Arjan Palstra (Wageningen University & Research)
16:09 Main results and outputs for PerformFish WP7:   A Benchmarking Tool based on Key Performance Indicators for  Sea Bass and Sea Bream Aquaculture Giovanna Marino (ISPRA)
16:29 Main results and outputs for MedAID’s WP3: Genetics and breeding Anna Sonesson (NOFIMA )
16:39 Development and applications of the MedFish seabass and seabream SNP array Ross Houston  (University of Edinburgh)
16:46 Genotype by environment interaction in two commercial production sites of gilthead seabream in the Mediterranean John Bastiaansen (WUR)
16:53 Main results and outputs for MedAID’s WP4: Health management and diseases and fish welfare Edgar Brun (Norwegian Veterinary Institute)
17:03 A systematic approach for quantifying biosecurity measures Saraya Tavornpanich  (Norwegian Veterinary Institute)
17:10 VLP vaccination against VNN Niels Lorenzen (DTU), Anna Toffan (IZSVe)
17:17 Discussion