1st MedAID Regional Workshop: Holistic sustainability assessment of Mediterranean aquaculture

MedAID organizes the 1st MedAID Regional Workshop on Holistic Sustainability Assessment of Mediterranean Aquaculture. The workshop will be held at the IRTA Centre Sant Carles de la Ràpita on 24 January.

The objectives of this MedAID regional workshop are i) to present the analysis of the survey conducted to assess the sustainability of the Mediterranean marine fish farming sector (Deliverable D1.2 – Assessment of Mediterranean Aquaculture Sustainability); and ii) to discuss the results obtained with representatives of the surveyed companies, other aquaculture producers and other key players of the sector in order to obtain their inputs and gain a broader vision from the whole value chain of Mediterranean aquaculture.

The workshop will have 70 participants from 14 countries that are involved in the whole value chain – company managers, associations, researchers, aquaculture farm workers, etc.

All updated information on the workshop is available on the MedAID web page and twitter account.

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