20 ways to understand a Cluster

The open session for reflection upon innovation challenges in the aquaculture sector took place yesterday. The event was organised by Acuiplus with the collaboration of the Spanish Aquaculture Association (SEA) and the Technical School of Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Engineering of Madrid.

The Acuiplus cluster aims at providing a meeting point among companies from the aquaculture sector in order to foster innovation and promote cooperation, complementarity and communication. Thus, it endeavours to contribute to the improvement of competitiveness, impact and international visibility of its members. Acuiplus comprises more than 25 firms and institutions which belong to the aquaculture industry’s value chain.

Our colleague Cristóbal Aguilera, Co-Leader of WP1 (Holistic sustainability assessment of Mediterranean aquaculture: zootechnical, environmental, economic, social and governance), wrote this excellent article which perfectly summarises what a cluster is.

The advantage of sharing experiences is that, when in favourable conditions, powerful dynamics which help understand ecosystems emerge. In this case, as observer in the Acuiplus Cluster’s reflection session, I take home with me astonishing cross-disciplinary knowledge.

Here is a compilation of 20 ways to understand a cluster inspired by participants’ discussion:

1. A cluster is a platform one should be involved in, since it is a constructive way to exchange information and achieve progress.
2. A cluster enhances training as a strategy to establish connections.
3. A cluster is a support tool.
4. A cluster is a way of living; a free spirit that drives growth.
5. A cluster is a space for generosity.
6. A cluster promotes cooperation on sustainability and real competitiveness.
7. A cluster is a comfort zone to add and gain competitiveness
8. A cluster is a space where complexity is managed.
9. A cluster is an innovative ecosystem.
10. A cluster is a shared growth area where people can help one another through their own experiences.
11. A cluster is a place to share failures and strengthen active listening.
12. A cluster is useful for managing knowledge and networking.
13. A cluster is a cohesive element.
14. A cluster is a space where dreams come true.
15. A cluster is a space where a global and shared vision is created.
16. A cluster makes best use of cross-sectionality.
17. A cluster is an element to create further opportunities.
18. A cluster is a space to generate hybrid opportunities and business intelligence.
19. A cluster is a space to share knowledge and leverage ideas.
20. A cluster is a public area in which sustainability, knowledge management and sharing converge. It is a space where impossible connections flow, where training comes from unimaginable sources and which serves as an agora for osmotic learning.

Translation of original post by Cristóbal Aguilera published on his blog Spotlight on aquaculture on 15 March 2018

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