WP8: Integrated proposals for an innovative and competitive sector


Integrated proposals for an innovative and competitive sector (WP8)  will bring together outcomes from MedAID WP’s to design and propose innovative management practices in order to improve the overall competitiveness and sustainability of the whole value chain of the Mediterranean marine aquaculture sector by improving its zootechnical and business performance and by shifting from a production based approach to a sustainable market-oriented business with a higher social and consumer reputation. This will be undertaken based on the preliminary holistic sustainability assessment of the Mediterranean marine fish farming sector (WP1) and on the specific solutions proposed by work packages 2 to 7. From the holistic integration of the main MedAID WPs outputs, this Work package will advise on selection and improvement of KPIs, OWIs and generate operational management and decision support tools, assisted by innovative software to facilitate the analysis and propose solutions to solve the main constrains of the sector.


i) To integrate the holistic assessment from WP1 and the outputs from all technical and socio-economic WPs, and to validate them in selected farm case studies .

ii) To develop Best Practice Guidelines and Recommendations with regards to zootechnical and socio-economic aquaculture development.

iii) To develop specific business plans feasible for the improvement of the economic performance of Mediterranean aquaculture.

iv) To develop governance, social and environmental recommendations to support stakeholders’ engagement and the co-construction of projects for a sustainable aquaculture development.