WP6: Improving bussiness performance and development of strategic marketing plans

While economic research has covered almost all aspects on the economics of other species like salmon seabass and seabream have not received the same attention in the literature. A few studies have improved the understanding of topics such as productivity, efficiency, competitiveness, market definition, and consumer behavior. This proposal aims to provide a wider approach by adding new topics to the existing body of literature and providing a systematic approach for understanding the main challenges and opportunities affecting the Mediterranean aquaculture industry.


i) Assessment of the economic efficiency and economic optimization of Mediterranean aquaculture production.

ii) Assessment of the market efficiency of the relevant species.

iii) Analyze the effects of concentration at different levels of the value chain.

iv) Assessment of preferences on regard Mediterranean aquaculture along the different stages of the value chain.

v) Analyze the economic impact of technical improvements and innovations in product processing and public image strategies.