Mediterranean Aquaculture: Trends & New product ideas

30 November 2017
Derio (Spain)


Our colleagues from AZTI, leader of the WP5: Product development, market and consumer assessment, have organized a Co-creation workshop on “Mediterranean Aquaculture: Trends & New product ideas”. The workshop is part of the Task 5.1. Product concept development, and it aims to review present Seafood trends and to discuss about the generation of new Seafood product concepts. It will count on the participation of partners from WP-5 and members of the Market Advisory Group (MAG).

MedAID WP5 explores and validates the technical and market feasibility of developing different product alternatives of specific Mediterranean aquaculture fish species (mainly seabass, gilthead seabream and meagre) for commercial exploitation, analyzing the potential of different market opportunities, and taking into account socio-economic aspects and consumer requirements. The expected impact of the work undertaken within WP5 will be to enhance the competitiveness of Mediterranean aquaculture by improving its market performance through a supply chain-wide, market-oriented design of diversified or new types of added-value fish products for EU consumers and food supply actors.

The main objective of the Task 5.1. (Product concept development) is to develop new product ideas from selected species, by incorporating producers’, retailers´ and commercial actors’ input.