Workshop: Bottlenecks in diagnostics of Mediterranean fish diseases

Open Workshop:
Bottlenecks in diagnostics of Mediterranean fish diseases

9 September 2019
Alfandenga do Porto Congress Centre (Portugal) – 19th EAFP Conference 


The goal of two EU funded projects in the frame of Horizon 2020, namely MedAID and PerformFISH, is to increase the overall competitiveness and sustainability of the Mediterranean marine fish-farming sector, throughout the whole value chain. An important aspect of both projects is managing transmissible diseases of farmed fish. Another H2020 project ParaFishControl, aiming to improve understanding of fish-parasite interaction and developing innovative solutions and tools for the prevention, control and mitigation of farmed fish parasitic diseases, interacts with these two projects in the field of the parasitic diseases. The projects are actively cooperating in all possible aspects and the workshop will cover one of the mutual interests of three EU H2020 projects: diagnostics. PerformFISH is working on a deliverable on diagnostic methods and MedAID and ParaFishControl have prepared Diagnostic Manuals for certain diseases. Still, further efforts for the validation of diagnostic methods of infectious diseases in Mediterranean aquaculture are needed. In addition, harmonization of recommended procedures is necessary for the generation of meaningful field data at all levels, and the scope of diagnostic manuals is to standardize these procedures as much as possible.

Workshop agenda

Presentations – 1h
• Introduction on diagnostic needs in the Mediterranean basin – Edgar Brun & Francesc Padrós
• Diagnostic manual on viral and bacterial diseases of seabass and seabream (MedAID) – Snježana Zrnčić
• Diagnostic manual on parasitic diseases of European aquacultured fish. (ParaFishControl) – Oswaldo Palenzuela
• Diagnostic capacities in the Mediterranean basin – Maria Letizia Fioravanti

Working group discussion with the following topics – 50’
• Viral Nervous Necrosis – Moderators: Anna Toffan & Sara Ciulli
• Vibrio and Tenacibaculum infections – Moderators: Belen Fouz & Alain Le Breton
• Fastidious and intracellular bacteria, Red Rash Syndrome – Moderators: Pantelis Katharios & Panos Varvarigos
• Identification and assessment of intestinal parasites and ectoparasites – Moderators: Oswaldo Palenzuela, Andrea Gustinelli & Ivona Mladineo

Common conclusions and session wrap up – 45’
Each group’s conclusions: 5’ (20’) + 20’ general conclusions (all session coordinators)
Moderators: Edgar Brun, Francesc Padrós and Dolors Furones.

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