Advanced couse on Application of epidemiology in aquatic animal health

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2019-02-25 - 2019-03-01 All day
CIHEAM Chania, Crete, Greece
Address: IAMZ-CIHEAM, Zaragoza

Epidemiology, as the study of health and disease status in populations, has great potential to improve animal health. In addition, current legislation requires the application of epidemiology to regulate animal movements and trade, and to implement risk-based surveillance systems. However, whilst in aquaculture health is managed at the population level, the application of epidemiology has lagged behind its use in livestock systems.

This course aims to provide participants with sufficient understanding of epidemiological approaches and principles so that they are able to apply them to their work. Specifically, the course will seek to raise the awareness of epidemiology so that the participants can constructively work with epidemiologists and understand, interpret and use results of epidemiological studies. Bringing together aquatic animal health specialists from the administration, industry and research to discuss health in the context of epidemiology will enhance communication and understanding between them.

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