MedAID 2nd Annual Meeting

MedAID (Mediterranean Aquaculture Integrated Development) is a four-year project, funded by the European Union in the frame of Horizon 2020, grant agreement number 727315. The goal of MedAID is to increase the overall competitiveness and sustainability of the Mediterranean marine fish-farming sector, throughout the whole value chain.

The Second MedAID Annual Meeting was held on 22 and 23 May 2019 and hosted by the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (locally known as MAICh), Chania, Crete (Greece). The Chania institute (CIHEAM-Chania) is the 4th constituent institute of CIHEAM, the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies.

The meeting, which was attended by 65 people, MedAID partners and some stakeholders, had three objectives: (i) to review the work carried out and the achievements of the different Work-packages during the second year of the project; (ii) to define the working plan for Year 3 of the project; and (iii) to present some administrative and management issues to the General Assembly for their voting.

Although most research is still ongoing, MedAID has already begun to generate knowledge, and has already published several Deliverables in alignment with the overall objectives of the project. These documents, which are available from the Web page (, report the research results of the different tasks successfully accomplished so far, starting with WP1 on the assessment of Mediterranean aquaculture and WP5 on market analysis to identify market niches and consumer preferences for the design of new aquaculture products.

Other Work-packages have not produced any Deliverables yet, but are already disseminating their preliminary results in different events in the form of Congress contributions. The abstracts and most presentations of those contributions are available within the MedAID website’s Dissemination section, at: