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Types of abstracts, features. The basis of the abstract.

Before the start of the academic semester, each teacher must draw up a curriculum for each subject he teaches. The curriculum is approved by the department, and after that classes begin.

Topically linked

The total number of academic hours is prescribed in the curriculum, and these hours are divided into lecture and seminar hours. They also divide the entire semester by subject matter. If the curriculum includes abstracts , then they are usually tied to one of the topics. That is why all teachers begin to shake and twitch their eyes nervously if you come without an abstract, forgetting it at home, or simply not doing it. By ignoring the given abstract, you not only provided yourself with a minus in the "grade" column, you thereby violated the teacher's entire curriculum. 

For example, you have a subject "general psychology" and you were studying memory. You have been asked to prepare a lecture on the topic of memory. According to the teacher's plan, the lesson should go as follows:

The teacher will give an introductory lecture about memory, then a student will come out with a report on this topic, he will tell it. Other students will listen to this information and ask questions. After that, the teacher will continue the lecture in more detail. Thus, having timed the essay to this topic, the teacher wanted to kill two birds with one stone. And give the student a grade for the abstract, and include the whole group in the discussion and active listening to the lecture. And so on every topic.

And imagine if a student, without warning anyone, simply did not show up for classes, did not give anyone his essay, or came, but empty-handed. All plans of the teacher fell through. The group always listens more actively to their fellow student than to the teacher. Therefore, the abstract plays a very important role in the lesson. It allows you to open a topic, interest the group, and attract their attention. And if there is no essay, then the lecture is no longer so interesting, because the teacher was very upset. And he was upset not only because now he will have to interest the group on his own, but also because a student who did not bring an essay that day still needs to be assessed. And another occupation is a different topic, for example, thinking, and an essay on memory is not needed there at all. This means that the teacher will be forced to stay after class and listen to this student.

Here are how many problems a teacher has because of one abstract that was not submitted in time. Let's take care of the teachers' nerves, and our own too.


Remark: if you do not have time to make an essay, you can always just order an essay from the professionals of EssayAssistant . 

Without thematic reference

Of course, there are abstracts without reference to the topic, they contain general topics that will be of interest to all students in a particular group. If you do not bring such an essay, then the curriculum will withstand such a loss that will only be reflected in your academic failure. But teachers have their own black list, and if you come to classes without an essay, you risk getting there and staying there until the end of the semester.

Features of writing an abstract

If you know that you have already accumulated a lot of abstracts, and you also know that you will not do them anyway, do not risk it, try ordering an abstract. You won't go broke if you pay $ 20 for your abstract, but bring it in on time.
The work of a teacher is very difficult and nervous. So why injure the teacher's already unstable psyche once again, if you can order an essay, order an essay again, and so order them as needed.

Probably, if you put the teacher before a choice, whether a student comes to class with a disgusting essay in which the topic is not disclosed, but does it himself, or comes with a great and interesting essay, but bought, then the teacher will say "yes" to the purchased essay. The student's knowledge is checked in the answers and tests that are written right in the classroom, and the abstract is just additional information for the group and the curriculum. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with ordering an abstract.

You can order the abstract in the evening, and by the morning it will be ready. It is the same with other types of work. For example, if you need to write a biography, then you can always ask her to write it even in the evening Such haste will cost you more, but such deadlines are rare.  

Now you know why teachers react so sharply to your forgetfulness. And sometimes it is better to buy a ready-made abstract paper than to turn the teacher against yourself. Do not shout loudly that you have decided to order an essay, after all, he is a teacher, who knows what his reaction will be in a particular case. It is better to come home, turn on the computer, order an essay quietly and invisibly for everyone, and get your well-deserved mark and a teacher's smile. What is deserved? Resourcefulness and respect for teachers. You didn’t give up, didn’t forget, you took the trouble to solve the problem. This means that your top five is well deserved! If you still can't get an A, you may be in debt. Perhaps this is some kind of work on a subject where you need to use software that is difficult for you. For example, if you need to work in SPSS but you do not know how, then we will help you with this

Well, we hope this article helped you figure out how to write a better abstract.



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